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Off-Ice Training
MONOCYCLE Coordination Training for Hockey
It looks strange and difficult.
But it's effective off-ice coordination training, and it's FUN!
performed by Komazawa Jets Ice Hockey Team, Tomakomai, Japan

monocycle hockey

photo by Kohichi Imamura


Obviously, hockey is a game of SPEED and POWER. Some might say hockey is a game of AGILITY or TECHNIQUE. But more than anything else, hockey is a game of COORDINATION. Because in the game, you can't shoot without coordinating your skating and puckhandling skills. And goalies, you can't stop the puck without good HAND-EYE or HAND-FEET coordination. You have to coordinate not only your hand and eye, hand and feet, but also your BODY and BRAIN in every moment. READ and REACT is the typical example of BODY and BRAIN coordination required in modern hockey. Thus we believe that the coordination training is one of the biggest key to success in hockey today and in the future.

Here we introduce very effective Off-Ice coordination training by using a MONOCYCLE. Especially for the kids, this training is very effective to develop their coordination, balance and agility. And the most important point; doing this training, kids have a lot of FUN without question! This is another exciting game for kids!

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