Hockey Lab Japan clinics

Hiroki is working for a Stanley Cup winner Shjon Podein
as his coaching staff.

Hockey Clinics around the country

We organize hockey clinics all over Japan, from Kushiro (Hokkaido Island up North) to Fukuoka (Kyushu Island down South)

Off the ice

We have various off-ice clinics such as puck handling clinic, which has been very popular and successful.

Goaltending Instruction

Hockey Lab Japan is famous for it's goaltending instruction since Hiroki is coaching goalies internationally.

We're also organizing Francois Allaire's goaltending school in Japan.

Hockey Lectures

We think hockey to play hockey!!

We are proud to provide high quality hockey lectures in our clinics.

No matter how old you are, where you live, what you play!

We've coached from four years old kids to pros. We go everywhere to coach. We've coached not only ice hockey but also inline and sledge hockey.

We give you feedback

Repetition is the mother of success. We give you feedback after the clinics. We also provide you drills as your homework, by your request.

Hockey Lab Japan Clinic Grads

A lot of students from our school are now playing in professional leagues in Europe and Asia.

Michio Hashimoto (Snow Brand : JIHL pro)

Do you want guest instructors for your hockey clinic?

We even go abroad for clinics.

Hiroki had been coached in Canada and USA and he was invited to Dalhousie University Goaltending School in the summer of 2000 as a guest instructor.

If you have any interest, feel free to contact us.



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