what is Hockey Lab Japan ?


Hockey Lab Japan promotes
your hockey innovation to Japan!!

Hockey Lab Japan Japanese version has over 2,000 visitors every week (FYI: The population of Japanese hockey players is about 20,000.) We can promote your innovative hockey goods (and/or your sites) to Japanese hockey market. We also have online shopping basket system to sell your product. If you are interested in promoting your innovation to Japanese hockey market, check this out and contact us!!

Hockey Lab Japan presents
new training/coaching idea to the world!!

Hockey Lab Japan instructors; Mikio and Hiroki Wakabayashi are writers of the Japan's only hockey magazine "Ice Hockey Magazine (Baseball Magazine )". Their columns about innovative hockey training methods are very popular in Japan.

Check out their unique and innovative hockey ideas!!

Hockey Lab Japan coaches hockey around the world!!

Hockey Lab Japan is organizing a lot of hockey clinics in Japan. We have been organizing Francois Allaire's (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) goaltending school in Japan every summer. We also have our own hockey clinics, goalie clinics, puck handling clinics, private clinics team clinics and coaching clinics.

Hiroki has been the pioneer of Japanese hockey coach to coach in North American competitive hockey. He worked with many competitive organization in Canada and USA. His article on the "Vision Training for Goalies" was PUBLISHED ON THE WORLD FAMOUS GOALIES' MAGAZINE "Goalies' WORLD #7" !!!

Hockey Lab Japan gives you
Japanese hockey information!!

Believe it or not, we do play hockey in Japan and we have a pro league too. If you are interested in hockey in Japan, check this out!!



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