Hockey Lab Japan articles #2

1995-96 NHL scoring stats analysis

stats taken by Toshiya Ishifuji and his companies

Face the facts of today's Hockey!

This Stats Analysis will help you to understand today's hockey
and inspire you to create new system or drills.


Coaches should refer to the general hockey stats sometimes. It will lead you to the right coaching direction. And it will become strong basis of your coaching philosophy. Without it, some coaches just stick to the OLD HOCKEY MYTHS which are not efficient in today's hockey anymore.

For example, some might say "Shoot and rebound is the main scoring weapon". But our stats shows the rebound goals percentage is only 18% and 82% is the goals from direct shots.

Some coaches still say to the goalie "Don't go down! Stand up and challenge!". But our stats tells you over 75% of the goals went into the middle and bottom parts of the net. And 56.9% of the goals came from the "DEEP SLOT (very close to the net)". If you want to cover the most important parts of the net, and if you want to stop the shots from dangerous area of the ice, there's no way to cover your net without going down and stay close to your goal crease.

Here we introduce you the newest NHL game analysis stats. This stats was taken by Toshiya Ishifuji and his companies. He is one of the best high school coaches in Japan. He took the stats from 30 NHL games in 1995-96 season.

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