Hockey Lab Japan articles #3

Vision Training for Goalies

"Goalies' WORLD #7" !!!

Vision Training for Goalies
Illustrated by Tomoko HASHIGUCHI

Train your goalies' sports visions effectively.
And you can go into the modern hockey's battlefield
with great advantage!


Everyone notices that goalies need to have good sports vision capabilities. Today's goaltending is constructed from GOALTENDING SYSTEMS, PHYSICAL ABILITIES, MENTAL TOUGHNESS and full of SPORTS VISIONS. But how do you train your goalies eyes in right way? We will show you some unique ideas to improve your goalies.

Letters ball training is one of the most popular training for sports visions. (fig.1)

  • Put some letters on a tennis ball.

  • Through the ball to the goalie slowly.

  • The goalie yells the letter he read before he catch it.

  • Repeat 10 times as one sequence with following progressions:

  1. Without the mask.

  2. With the mask.

  3. While go down to the butterfly position.

  4. While he move in the crease.

Body balance is very closely related to sports vision capabilities. These two factors rely upon each other. That is to say, without good balance, you can't have good vision, without good vision, you will lose your balance. Fig.2 shows you good balance vision coordination training.

  • Put two sticks on the ice about 3 feet apart. (It depends on your size and level. I recommend one stick for beginners)

  • Step over the sticks one by one, from side to side. Be sure to keep goalie's eyes level.

  • When you get used to this movement, the coach stands in front of the goalie.

  • The coach shows his fingers briefly as the goalie passing in front of him.

  • The goalie yell the number of coach's fingers.

Those kind of drills have a lot of variations. Off course you can do those drills off-ice as summer training. In the season, it takes just 5 minuets to do those drills. If you train your goalies' eyes through the year, your goalies get great advantage in the games.

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